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Did you notice?

Chris Colfer fell during the performance of You Can’t Stop The Beat in ‘The Purple Piano Project’

No but honestly if any show should have a blooper reel it’s Glee, because I mean they dance and sing and move so much, while other shows may have hard lines to say, think about all the graceful choreography mishaps and broken or almost broken bones in the making of the glee


BAHH finally finished the lineart for my collab! decided to celebrate with a quick doodle of Kurt as Lisa from Weird Science ;DDD

WELP imma sleep now, hopefully i can knock out school work and then finally get to finishing up! *U*


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Omg this glee crack video just made me laugh so hard i started to have the hiccups???????? KURT AND BLACK WIDOW ON THE PHONE like I want to know what went down there, I want to KNOW what the story was there, I kinda ship it or do I I don’t know but like HER FACE when Kurt’s like I miss you like crazy like does Hawkeye know about this? Does Blaine??? KUUUURT??? NATASHAAAAA????? KURTASHA????????? Porcelain Widow??? Where was Nightbird when this happened??? do I want fic? I’m not sure yet but omfg

horrified and entertained

you know what the first thing I do will be when my interview and my first round of exams are over in 3 weeks?

draw porn. a lot of porn.


My Dad needs help


I am a horrific person and this makes me sick to my stomach to ask for help again when I have nothing to give. Feel free to completely ignore this because I’m literally disgusted with myself for doing it but he’s desperate and I hate seeing him sad

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will you look at that bed tho

none of that wimpy finchel pull-the-covers-up-to-my-chin crap THEY JUST WENT AT IT ON TOP OF THE BLANKETS bye throwing myself off a cliff

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Behold! The New and Improved Version of Rachel’s 

"I’m The Greatest Star"

"Athens, shirts. Sparta, skin."

"Guess, I’ll be the Spartan."

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